For when you need to remind yourself that moving your body is actually fun, that nothing is stopping you from having an awesome body you adore, and that empowering your mind when you move will gift you results in more ways than one.


Personally tailored, private in-home sessions to tone muscles, burn calories, and enhance flexibility are available.  We create a schedule and series of sessions that are focused around your specific goals and ability levels.  This plan will keep you on track and make those goals of yours completely obtainable.

If toning is your main focus, we create a structured routine that takes you through both isolated and full bodied sculpting moves using the help of light weights to target small and large muscle groups.  For more intense cardio workouts, we create a cardio-dance routine, entirely based off your ability level (No need to fear if rhythm and coordination are not in your wheel house! This is for you!), set to your favorite tune, taught repeatedly and performed for the ultimate enjoyable cardiovascular experience that gets you burning calories while having a blast.  For added flexibility, we live and breathe in a series of stretches for extend periods of time for a true opening in the muscles with a meditative focus.  Private sessions can include all or some of these aspects in various degrees to create the result you crave.

Interested in sweating and smiling and snagging your best body?  Leave a message here!